I love to paint. I began in 2010 after following an instinct.

In 2016 during breaks from my Lee Harris Energy European and North American Tour, I needed to paint. I would return home from meeting and speaking to (and for) so many of you, and I would need deep silence for a week or so at a time. But my energy body was highly alive and wanting to process, create and produce. So on those breaks, I would paint. And I noticed how obsessed I became with painting hearts. Not intentionally, but that’s what happened. The kitchen in my old house was a tiny room, and it would be covered with paintings. Now I look back on that time and those hearts - I feel like they were all of you who I had met and connected with, coming through me onto the canvas or the wood.

In the Summer of 2017, in our new house and thanks to a vision (and permission) from our kind landlords, I was able to convert an unused, dusty old storage barn in our garden into an Art Studio. It’s a pretty magical space and it has had a profound effect on me and the Art, and our whole home. And those paintings, so many of which I began in the breaks during last year's tour, were finally finished in this new space.

The videos below share a little of the barn and my art process.

- Lee


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